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PNA Canal Walk collabs with Hasie & the Robots and Wulfberg

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

PNA Canal Walk is collaborating with artists Johan Johnston, aka Hasie & the Robots and Rudolf Liebenberg, aka Wulfberg, on an art project to showcase and raise awareness for endangered species.

Starting on Saturday 30 October 2021 they will do live paintings in-store for 5 weeks to complete the project. Each week the two artists will combine their talents to depict an endangered species in their own unique style.

Once all 10 art pieces have been completed, they will be auctioned off to raise money in aid of the WWF's efforts to protect and preserve our precious wildlife. More details on this to follow.


Week 1: Gorilla

(View Full Gallery HERE)

Early design mock-up (© Hasie & the Robots | Wulfberg)

Week 2: Wild Dog

(View Full Gallery HERE)


Products Used for this Project

Posca paint markers, Masking tape, Dala Economy Pony Bristle, Dala Pony Hair Round, Dala Stencil Brush, Dala White Bristle Flat Brush, Prime Art Hake Brush, Prime Art Bristle Series, Artline EK70 permanent marker bullet point, Artline EK8210 ballpoint pens, Artline EK700 permanent marker, Dala Acrylic Glaze Matt Medium, Dala Acrylic Gloss, Dala Acrylic Matt, Dala Fabric Liner Metal, Dala Podge, La Plastic deep 6 palette tray, Dala powder paint, Dala poster paint


About the Artists

Hasie & the Robots | Johan Johnston

Hasie & The Robots is a brand created and owned by artist and illustrator, Johan Johnston.

Hasie & The Robots creates original designs, focusing on limited edition and individual creations by collaborating with brands that produce quality products. Hasie adds a personal touch to every design project.

"Always on the scout for projects that will stimulate our senses, keep skills sharp and my creative monster fed. Nothing makes us happier than working on the projects and intricate details of designs and watching as the designs come alive."


Wulfberg | Rudolf Liebenberg

Wulfberg Web

Wolves are symbols of guardianship, loyalty, and spirit. They trust their own instincts and teach us to do the same. Live free, live the way of ‘Wulf’ and take the power back.

"I’m Rudolf Liebenberg/Wulfberg (Origins from Ru-WULF/Wölfin) Liebenberg (BERG)

An independant artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. I combine street art references with bold sketchy-ink styles to create my art, murals and mixed media."


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